Monday, March 9, 2009

Paid Survey

It's common knowledge that you can make money taking surveys from completely free sites. What's "not" common knowledge is that 90% of you are being drastically underpaid from the websites you're joining. I will tell you exactly why that occurs and how to stop it. I'll also show you how to earn top dollar when you make money taking surveys from the various free sites out there.

The web is filled with no less than 1200 survey websites. It's probably a much larger number than that. 98% of them are low paying, copy cat type websites. They take other companies survey offers and post them on their own server. This would be fine if they paid the same, but they don't. They usually give you around 30%, while keeping the rest for themselves. Sure, you can still make money taking surveys from those types of free sites, but you won't be getting very much for your efforts.

I want to show you how to find those other 2%, so you never have to deal with that mess. The way you do it is very simple: You use the power of forums. Big forums to be exact. I fully endorse them because it's on of the very few places where you can gather loads and loads of honest information on survey websites. If you really ant to make real money taking surveys from free sites, this is where you need to be. Honesty is hard to find when it comes to this subject, but big forums are well established and have strict rules and guidelines about posting. They also moderate their topics regularly.

The best part is that you only need one particular portion of the forum. You need their archive section. Everything you need is right here. Loads of topics on survey related subjects have been started over the years and you have complete access to all of them. This is where you can get so much inside info on being able to make money taking surveys from various free sites. You get to see where other people, just like you, have made the most and where they've made the least. 

Just a little bit of reading can put a lot more cash in your wallet. Seventy percent of the population has tried to make money taking surveys from completely free sites, but most don't know how to find the places that pay high amounts.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's So Special PPC

Whether you're new at your internet business or have been at it for awhile, you're probably familiar with PPC Advertising, also known as Pay Per Click Advertising. With the exception of your web page, PPC advertising is probably one of the most successful ways to make money. There's no way you can advertise your product everywhere on the internet and reach everyone. Per Click Advertising advertising can help you to reach millions, however. You use certain keywords or keyword phrases to get your ads to come up in local searches. Many people find that Google AdWords are very effective because Google is the most widely used search engine. When you use PPC advertising, your keywords will be placed so that your ads will come up on the top of the search results. You'll pay a designated amount every time someone clicks on your ads.

You may be thinking that you're paying a lot of money for clicks that won't result in sales. The price for Per Click Advertising is so cheap that you can't afford to not use it. The average site gets 100 to 200 clicks before a sale is made. If you're only paying, for instance, 10 cents per clicks, you've only paid $20 for 200 clicks. If you make one sale for $50, you've come out very well. Keep in mind that once you've started with PPC advertising, you can just sit there and watch the money roll in. Your Per Click Advertising advertiser will set you up with the most effective keywords for your niche market so only those interested in your product will show up in searches. It won't take long for you to discover why and how Per Click Advertising really works. It's easy, inexpensive and very effective. Don't try to do without it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have to admit, I love my job. Not only am I one of the privileged few who get to work in this crazy and fun industry called SEO, but I get to do it with some amazing people who know how to work hard and know how to play hard ;) We celebrated another successful year on Friday with a "Day of Surprises". And certainly the biggest surprise was not the double decker bus that picked us up in front of the office, but rather the Tequila tasting that shortly followed the bus ride. I have to say, big kudos to Trevor for one of the best ideas for a work function ever. And who knew there was so much to know about Tequila, and that Patron really isn't that high quality relatively speaking.

Unfortunately, my knee wasn't up to the scavenger hunt through downtown San Diego or the resulting bar hop, dancing, and karaoke, but my partners in crime (the BOL staff) represented us in fine fashion. So now that we took a little time to celebrate last year's accomplishments, it's time to focus on the new year and the challenges of 2009. I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Akhirnya masuk juga money pembayaran pertama dari linkword. Seneng juga yah dapet hasil dari apa yang kita kerjakan apalagi ini hasil dari online bussines.

Hasil pertama aku bukan dari link post tapi dari link words. beberapa trik yang aku lakukan yaitu mencari kata-kata kunci yang dipasangin iklan oleh linkworth, dengan cari hunting ke blog-blog partnernya linkworth.

Jadi Tambah semangat deh ngerjain bussines online dengan menggunakan blog supaya bisa selalu make money online, terima kasih linkworth sudah memberikan advertising dan membuat partner nya memasang iklan di blog aku.

Untuk teman-teman yang belum mendapat hasil jangan putus asa terus saja berusaha dan make money with your blog. Berikut sumbangan kata-kata kunci yang selalu di pasang iklan oleh linkworth :

1. Text link ads
2. Money
3. Advertising
4. Partner
5. Text Link
6. Outsourching
7. Peo
8. Make Money
9. Earn Money
10. ............

Jadi selalu gunakan kata-kata itu untuk make money with online dan selalu buat menarik partner untuk memasang advertising di blog kita dengan mencari beberapa katan kunci

Maju terus Indonesia...............

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